Why I switched To Outdoor Cooking

In the month of December 2020, I made the switch to outdoor cooking. I admit that I was influenced by a number of health experts and evolutionary psychologists who found that outdoor cooking potentially led to greater self-esteem.

I got in touch with myself, on a supernatural level

Every meal that I had, I chose to prepare and cook it outside – regardless of the weather. Whilst cooking became a chore – it was something that I was looking forward to during my day.

To get it started, I just went and found myself a decent grill under $300.

You see, the time I spent outside gave me a lot to think about. I asked myself a lot of questions that I didn’t have an instantaneous answer to.

They say the biggest questions are often the simplest and I found myself second-guessing my own decisions with a simplistic “why?”

These sorts of questions did give me some anxiety but I felt somewhat accomplished when I was able to answer them – honestly.

It’s really hard to say that if other people copied my experience if they would share the same outlook. And, to be honest – I have not recommended this experience to anyone that I know.

Out of habit, whenever I do something or before I do something – I go through a process called the three y’s:

  • “Why am I going to work today?”
  • “I need to cover these expenses”
  • “What expenses can I reduce, so that I can save more and retire sooner”.

Outdoor cooking became ritualistic

Yep, you guessed it – my respect and appreciation for food increased. Not only did I take my time to enjoy my food, but I also spent more time thinking about the food itself – really savoring those flavors that I created with fire!

I really started to respect myself thinking, I created this fire, I cooked this food and I fed myself without any of these conveniences that others take for granted.

Admittedly, it’s a bit arrogant but we all need our own source of confidence in our lives, otherwise – what’s the point?

At work, people started noticing different things about me and asking if I was doing anything different. I’d simply say, that I am trying some new recipe’s at home.

Cooking for me, became a process – my very own ritual and only I knew the rites to it.

I become the priest of my own hunger and satiation and it is incredible.

Cooking in 2021 and beyond!

I am going to continue cooking in my small barbecue throughout the rest of the year – just to know that I did something during my years that was caveman-ish.

Something of my very own that was not exercise, dieting or some other common fad.

This was something extremely unique that I had to myself, that I kept a secret – this something was mine.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

    After camping for so many years I know this feeling to well.

    Sometimes, the calling gets too strong and you have to drop everything just to get outdoors and escape.

    A wild man will always be a wild man.

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